Die Graslerei was the first of now many coffeeshops in Graz. Their concept is as simple as it is ingenious: Complementing high quality CBD products with delicious coffee and snacks. Obviously, the design had to pick up this simple idea and incorporate it in the logo. The iconic part of the logo constitutes a cappuccino mug from above that was sprinkled with cocoa in the shape of a hemp leaf. The fact that customers can order a cappuccino that exactly resembles the one in the logo helped to create a consistent brand with reoccurring imagery. The typography of the logo offers the bold but rational counterpart that helps a brand revolving around hemp and CBD to be taken seriously. The handwritten and delicate article “die” completes the logo emphasizing on the fact that “die Graslerei” is one of a kind.

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year /// 2017

client /// Die Graslerei

design /// Mathias Schalk

photos /// Benedikt Haushofer, Mathias Schalk

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