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Ride smarter, not harder!

What if you could see ahead and now the dangers, the next curve brings. What if you could know exactly if you're going to fast or if you're just in that sweetspot for the section of road you're currently riding? What if you could ride your motorbike with the knowledge of hundreds of riders who've been on this road before you?

Motobit sentinel gives you the chance to do all of the above and more. It's a smart companion that you can wear on your wrist or in your pocket and that tracks your ride but also gives you valuable information about what's ahead.

My design to give this special piece of technology an identity is oriented at classic motorbike aestehtics. It's minimalistic yet distinctive, assuring a high recognition value. The type-logo incorporates the letter 'M' for Motobit as well as a motorbikes' tire profile, a bikes' front and the hexagonal device shape. It's acompanied by clean, uppercase typography that puts emphasis on the two O's which remind of the two wheels of a bike when being looked at from the side. The logo gains it's strength through an underlying grid that also offers a good base for icons or further design elements that might be needed in the future.



year /// 2020

client /// Motobit

design /// Mathias Schalk

art direction /// Katharina Seiler/Nebulabor

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